Thursday Feb. 25th was a day to Shine A Light on Slavery and the reality of Human Trafficking in our world, country, and in our state.

Enter the #ENDITMovement.

The #ENDIT campaign is a coalition of many national and international organizations that are fighting against human trafficking and its devastating effects. One of those organizations in the International Justice Mission (IJM).
This week, as a special to help raise awareness, and to see more about how we can get involved in the fight, we had Michelle Powers, a student at UNI, come and speak to us about what she is doing to fight slavery on her North Iowa campus.

Michelle has started a local chapter of the IJM organization on the UNI campus, and she was joined by 4 of her leadership team to share with us at Creston Salt about all that God is doing in through it. Michelle shared about her personal story of getting involved in the fight, and getting a passion and a call from God to get this UNI-IJM organization started. In addition, she shared some common misconceptions concerning human trafficking, and many ways in which anyone can get involved today! (List at end of post)

That has been our goal here at Creston Salt. We want to see students launched into a mission for Christ, and as we’ve been looking at how to #BeLikeJesus, there is nothing more loving than actively showing someone that is in hurt and need that there is a Creator in Heaven that loves them, and has a purpose and plan for their lives that is far better than the pain the world has.


Here is some links to websites that have tons of resources available, as well as a list of ways you can get involved starting today!


  • Pray!
    Join a group that already meets, or start one of your own.
  • Call or write to your government representatives urging them to oppose sex trafficking and pornography industry.
  • Stay educated.
  • Get involved and volunteer with an organization.
    Wings of Refuge (Cedar Falls)
    Iowa Stops Traffick
  • Take some time to think about how God is calling you to help.

“Awareness won’t bring an end to slavery, but we cannot end slavery until we are aware.”



A simple phrase, but with huge implications. In a world that is screaming to tell us who to be, how to act, and who to follow, the Bible tells us to Be Like Jesus.

And that’s what we’ve been studying at Salt for the past 4-5 weeks. We’ve been looking at how de be different, weird, and how to stand out from a world that is dark, judgmental, selfish, and vain.

And there are few people that I know that are better examples of how to show Love, Peace, and Selflessness, than Pastor Chuck Spindler.So, naturally, when I was very ill and not able to give the lesson last week, Chuck was the first on my list to fill in!
And what a great job he did!

On the same night, we had a special music from Abigail Ballard. She sang a song she had written herself about how she is underserving, yet she’s so amazed that God loves her anyways! And what truth and joy is found when each of us comes to that revelation!

Kickoff Success!

We had a total of 6 from Creston Salt, as well as picking up 3 on the way that volunteered with us on Thursday for Winter Jam in Council Bluffs!

Many chose to volunteer again in Des Moines the following night, with the rest choosing to watch the show from the stands.

All in all, it was a great weekend! Be sure to thank those that served, and to check out the photos from our time in Council Bluffs!


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Winter Jam!


The Spring Semester is here!

You Know What That Means?!?!


However, this year, instead of getting a bunch of food and having a party, we are going to give instead of take! We are going to give of our time and use it in service for Christ!

Winter Jam is one of the world’s largest music tours, and it is totally Christ-centered! This tour swings by the Omaha/Council Bluffs and Des Moines areas every year. What a joy! The problem is that is takes a lot to make a tour like this happen, so they need lots of volunteers! That’s where WE come in!

One week from today (January 21st) Winter Jam is going to be in Omaha/Council Bluffs, and we are getting as many volunteers as possible to carpool our way in service to make this event happen!
The very next day (22nd) Winter Jam is going to be in Des Moines! We have many signed up to serve there as well, but we also have some folks just attending! You can do either!

Are you interested? Have questions? Contact David Livingston on his cell (641-425-6616). Are you ready to make the commitment to serve in this way? Sign up here.

To be Salt and Light in a dark and flavor-less world, means to Serve God, and Serve others!

Testimony Night

It was a great semester with Salt, and it was an amazing end to the year!

To cap off the best of few weeks we have had at Creston Salt so far, we had a Testimony Night! Three of our students gave their testimony for the first time! What an amazing time of sharing the many ways our personal God is working in each of our individual lives!

The students that spoke were Lincoln Smith, Taya Hemphill, and Megan Masters, who also shared a song she and another Salt student (Abigail Ballard) wrote called “Salvation.”

Here are some of the pictures from that night!

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Wow! What an exciting morning!

After getting more serious about following Christ, and feeling a call to work in ministry, Elijah Johnson decided to get re-baptized on Sunday!
Elijah had been baptized as a younger boy, but it was not as much his decision back then. Now, he wanted to shout to the world what God has done in his heart!

I am incredibly proud of Elijah, and his growth over the past year has been tremendous! He has been a very active part of the Salt Company, and Aaron Young has been discipling him in leading a Connection Group. Elijah is always encouraging to those around him, and he seeks to help in as many ways as he can. The fruit of God’s grace is very evident in his life!

That is why I am so honored to have had the opportunity to baptize Elijah! And I am grateful for him letting me, even though it was my first time!
What a joyous morning it was for both of us, and I don’t think there was a single person in the room that couldn’t feel the power of the Holy Spirit in that moment!

So, I encourage all of you to continue to pray for Elijah, and let us all surround him with encouragement, love, and support, as he continues to serve God faithfully! And let us be reminded to follow Christ with as much passion and vigor as Elijah!

-David Livingston


Citizens of Heaven, United in God’s Love!

One of my favorite things about Salt this year is our collective of students from a vast array of places, backgrounds, and areas of study. I have repeatedly said this is a testimony to the power of the Gospel breaking down barriers and labels the world likes to build up. As we have been studying Philippians, we saw that when the church in Philippi started (Acts 16) Paul and the missionary team encountered men and women from different countries, ethnicities, social classes, occupations, and a list of other differences, yet the Love of God prevailed in uniting these men and women as citizens of heaven.
And there is no greater example than the one right in front of our eyes! Despite differences in interests, areas of study, backgrounds, and many cultural differences, our students are uniting under the Love of Christ, and we are joined together as the Body of Christ! What a joy to be a part of every week!

One of the students new to us this year is Tomomi. She is here at SWCC from Osaka, Japan. She is always lighting up the room with a smile, and is a joy to be around! She has been coming to Salt every week since the beginning of the semester, she has been in the girl’s Connection Group, and a few weeks ago, we gave her a new study Bible.
Recently, she was featured in the local newspaper (Front Page!) talking about her desire to work in international relations.

Check out the awesome story here:

And remember to pray for all our students at Salt, that as they go back each week to all their various classes each week they can be Salt and Light to the world around us. As God has made each of us unique from the rest, we can be united in God’s love, and together we can show love to each and every student on campus!

-David Livingston
Director of Creston Salt Company.